Manual Reporting - Eliminate it Forever

by Ron de Frates 6. April 2021 05:58
April 14th at 4 PM EST Register at https:// er/WN_1v-6hjP6RbuOmOeTPdV3GQ


The Emergence of the Digital Mortgage: Threat or Opportunity?

by Ron de Frates 16. February 2021 02:00
Background and History:   Technology has shaped and improved the financial industry since the invention of the first computer.  Upon development of the first scalable operating system (MSDOS), software for mortgage originators and processors were developed to replace the manual processes... [More]

Telemetry MBI Business Intelligence Platform Brings Performance Metrics and Analytics to Tax and Accounting Firm’s Clients

by Ron de Frates 19. November 2020 09:44
  [San Diego, CA, November 20]— 5X Solutions, LLC, a mortgage lending business intelligence and data analytics company has announced a strategic alliance with Acquavella, Chiarelli, Shuster, LLP (ACS). ACS provides certified public accounting and advisory to mortgage lenders.   Th... [More]


What Mortgage Companies Do When Their Controller Leaves

by Ron de Frates 25. April 2018 04:10
It happens - people leave, they move on (or up). Even with ample notice, it can be incredibly disruptive when someone on your staff quits. This is especially true of Controllers and CFOs. A tight job market makes things even worse. What’s At Stake Controllers and CFOs are an integral part of... [More]


Why Software Projects Fail

by Ron de Frates 17. March 2015 02:07
Eleven reasons why software projects fail. Hint: It about understanding the problems and reacting quickly to challenges. [More]