Simple BI Strategies Can be Effective

by John D. Beneventi 16. December 2020 23:50
Business Intelligence and data analytics provide many measurement solutions. The key to using BI properly is to determine a set of measurements that, if met, ensures the desired outcome. You don’t need to dissect data in multiple ways to have an effective measurement of company success. The goal is to keep it simple, relevant, and tied to the overall business plan and strategy you are deploying in your company. [More]


What is RPA?

by John D. Beneventi 16. December 2020 23:33
  Robotic Process Automation ("RPA") is a technology that enables a software robot (“bots”) or artificial intelligence (“AI”) digital worker to emulate a human user process to perform a redundant task. Originally designed years ago for software testing to mimic a user&r... [More]

How to Survive the End of the Refi Boom

by John D. Beneventi 16. December 2020 04:21
We have all seen the signs that the refi boom is coming to an end. The Mortgage Bankers Association recently predicted that 2021 loan originations would shift with purchase demand increasing by 11% and refinance decreasing by 49%. If this is true, there may be a net change in demand for mortgage of 39%. To prepare for such a downturn, mortgage execs should devise a plan for analyzing the potential impact on the business. This paper provides some insight and a method for determining the impact. [More]