Find Expense Outliers with Mortgage Business Intelligence and Mortgage Accounting Software

by Ron de Frates 31. July 2021 08:04
Expense outlier tools helps mortgage accounting staff to quickly identify and fix incorrect ledger entries. This tool augments existing mortgage accounting software by helping accounting staff, branch, and regional managers to understand financial trends affecting their business. [More]


5X Solutions Adds Compensation Analysis to their Mortgage Business Intelligence Platform

by Ron de Frates 21. May 2021 12:16
Compensation Analysis added to 5X Solutions' Mortgage Business Intelligence Platform [More]


Manual Reporting - Eliminate it Forever

by Ron de Frates 6. April 2021 05:58
Eliminate manual reporting w/ Mortgage Accounting Reports [More]


The Emergence of the Digital Mortgage: Threat or Opportunity?

by Ron de Frates 16. February 2021 02:00
How harness the power of Digital Mortgage with mortgage business intelligence [More]

Simple BI Strategies Can be Effective

by John D. Beneventi 16. December 2020 23:50
Keeping mortgage business intelligence simple [More]


What is RPA?

by John D. Beneventi 16. December 2020 23:33
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for mortgage lenders explained. [More]

How to Survive the End of the Refi Boom

by John D. Beneventi 16. December 2020 04:21
We have all seen the signs that the refi boom is coming to an end. The Mortgage Bankers Association recently predicted that 2021 loan originations would shift with purchase demand increasing by 11% and refinance decreasing by 49%. If this is true, there may be a net change in demand for mortgage of 39%. To prepare for such a downturn, mortgage execs should devise a plan for analyzing the potential impact on the business. This paper provides some insight and a method for determining the impact. [More]


Telemetry MBI Business Intelligence Platform Brings Performance Metrics and Analytics to Tax and Accounting Firm’s Clients

by Ron de Frates 19. November 2020 09:44
Telemetry Mortgage Business Intelligence Software Brings Performance Metrics to Tax and Accounting Firm’s Clients [More]


What Mortgage Companies Do When Their Controller Leaves

by Ron de Frates 25. April 2018 04:10
What Mortgage Companies Do When Their Controller Leaves [More]


Why Software Projects Fail

by Ron de Frates 17. March 2015 02:07
Eleven reasons why software projects fail. Hint: It about understanding the problems and reacting quickly to challenges. [More]