Find Expense Outliers w/ Mortgage Business Intelligence

Mortgage business intelligence platforms should accommodate accountants, controllers, and CFOs. One of the key features for these users is an Expense Outlier Report. This allows a mortgage lender’s accounting staff and managers to check ledger entries for values that have either exceeded or fallen below a certain threshold. Anomalies in ledger entries are easily identifiable and can be filtered by account-type, basis points (BPS), and mortgage branch. This report is designed to offer finance managers more control over the company’s expenditures.

The Expense Outlier Report in Telemetry BI provides accounting staff and finance managers with a way to keep track of costs and expenditures from one place by leveraging their existing mortgage accounting software. This feature is a part of the Telemetry BI Mortgage business intelligence platform. It complements other automated financial reports in Telemetry BI, such as branch P&Ls, budgets vs. goals, cost-per-loan, and covenants reports, by ensuring that all the ledger entries in the client’s accounting system are valid.

Find expense exceptions in mortgage business intelligence platforms

This enterprise quality assurance tool gives mortgage lenders accounting staff and controllers a more accurate view of expenses before month-end closing takes place. Find expense outliers before your month-end closes.

AI-based financial and business intelligence platforms like Telemetry BI’s expense delta reporting tool, make it easier to identify and fix incorrect ledger entries and exaggerated expense reports. You can easily identify expense outliers by branch or region. In addition, you can sort and filter these outliers. The Telemetry BI mortgage business intelligence platform works with existing mortgage accounting systems such as Loan Vision, AMB, Fiserv, and QuickBooks.

5X Solutions’ Co-Founder Ron de Frates says, “the expense outlier report can provide an organization with a more comprehensive understanding of its spending across different branches and departments over time”.

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